Funny Flirty Messages

The following list of flirty text messages then, provides a quick and easy option to put a big smile on the face of the lady you’re trying to impress. Some are timeless classics, others are fresh out of the think-tank. Just ensure that you’re making an appropriate choice before sending, with regards to both the circumstances and the person they apply to – not everyone responds well to the same type of flirt! I hope you all friends like and enjoy our this post and share this with your friends on facebook, whatsapp,twitter etc.

List of Funny Flirty Messages :

Funny flirty messages 
You are the most beautiful thing alive on earth , and i am not for the first time.


I would walk a mile just to see your pretty face and after that i would walk another mile to see another one.

When i first saw you , i was left speechless , no words could come out and i felt numb. I could gather my senses back. But when i was back i realized that you had already left your home , Mars.

It's not my fault that i fell for you . How can someone help it if you are so beautiful and mesmerizing?

My friends took me to a doctor when they found out that i am dating you.They presumed that i have gone mad. I resisted but they did not bother. Until the doctor himself claimed that i was absolutely fine . But later i did confess to my friends that i am mad , madly in love with you. 

My Love for you is like fire , you are my hope and desire , My love for you is like the cold , it is as pure as the gold , My love for you is like the stream , I close my eyes you come in my dream , My love for you is forever , I won't leave you ever!

You are my sweet angel , you are the one for me, when i see you , my heart skips a beat , don't know why but i love you so , when i see you i wish to jump to and fro. don't know why i like you so , i feel the pulse and glow !

Funny flirty messages 
Remember that day , when i waved at you for the first time and you shot back a smile which changed my life. You know i've beenn trying so hard to let go of these tragic moments , but it just does not happen god help me , I am in love.

Funny flirty messages 
Congratulation ! you have won the most beautiful girl title here and your prize is date with me

Funny flirty messages 
When i was single , I used to dream of a person who change my life with love and care. Then one fine day , we met and then that sweet dream was realized . Since then i could never dream anything sweet , all i can see now , are nightmares.

Funny flirty messages 
I love you so much , i feel happy on your touch , you look so pretty and attractive , looking at you , i feel hyperactive , Why do you have to be so good ? I will give you all the happiness , touchwood !

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