Big Boss 11 Big Twice, Arshi Khan's entry in the house again!

Colors Channel's reality shows Big Boss 11 has now reached its final stages. Now in the last week of this show, only five contests remain the rest. At the same time, Controversy Queen Arshi Khan is going to get re-entry in the show. She had just been out of the show a few days ago. As long as Arshi was in the show, he remained in the discussion due to his style and things. It was only after the show was confirmed that Arshi could take entry as a wild card in the show. Now, in the last week of the Big Boss, they are being made once again as part of the show.

Arshi was in the discussion since the beginning of the show due to flirtation of actor Hiten Tejwani But due to the low voting, she was out of the show two weeks ago. Arshi proved to be a good entertainer during the show. Now in the last week, he is being given a chance to enter the house once again, but he is now taking entry as a guest, not as a contingent. He will appear in the last round of the show giving all the rest of the contests a task. These Tasks will prove to be a simple task, not a simple task, for the households.

Arshi Khan, the show's Biggest Entertainer, will be entering home in the episode broadcast today. As soon as he arrives, he will be seen supporting his friend Vikas Gupta. He will give a task to the householders in the show, in which they have to come down completely from their level and disturb the other contestant. In the show's promo video, Punish Sharma shields Shinde's sandals and tries to disturb them. He says that I want to see you go to Finale without having to go without sandals like this. At the same time, Shilpa Vikas Gupta's jacket was seen in his hand. Arshi says to Shilpa during this time that I did not enjoy the fun and come on lowly. During this task, Arshi will also harass everyone in her perpetual style. It would be interesting to see who will succeed in fulfilling this task of Arshi.
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