Adult jokes


Woman:Will u love me after marrige also?
Man: depends on your husband, if he allows me, I sure will

Son: whats the difference between love, relief and belief?
Father: your mom is my love, your maid is my relief and I' m your dad- well that's my belief!

He: you want to play magic?
She: what's that's?
He: we go to my house , sleep together, and then you disappear!

What do you call a prostitute, wife and girlfriend in mobile language?
Prepaid, postpaid, demo card!

Teacher: do you know the meaning of period?
Student: Yes, Once my sister said she missed one and my mother  fainted, father had a heart  attack and the driver ran away.

Doctor: what do you see on your husband's face during sex?
Patient: Anger.
Doctor: why?
Patient: Because he's usually  watching  from the window.

Whats the differences between biology and sociology?
When the baby looks like  his dad  or mom then it is  biology.when the baby looks like  the neighbour, then its sociology

Proper dosage of viagra:
With new gf:
No need
With old gf:
Half a tablet
With mistress: one tablet.
With wife: 2 tablets+ blue film+beer+rum+will power

Advantage of having sex with married women:
They give like hell
They do not yell
They do not tell
They do not swell
And there are no wedding bells!

Boy: what did you do on mother's day?
Friend: Tried to help every girl become a mother!

Good girl: It's hard to be good.
Bad girl: yes if its not hard it isn't any good.

Girl: Oh, darling you are killing me?"
Boy:should i stop?"
Girl: No killing me harder.

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