Best 20 Santa banta jokes in english

Best 20 santa banta jokes in english

Santa: why are u crying?
Banta:The elephant is dead.
Santa:was he your pet?
Banta:No,but i' m the one who must dig his grave.

Santa:"can you do anything that other people can't? "
Banta:"qhy,yes. I can Read my own handwriting. "

Santa:"I'm very sorry to learn that your wife ran away with your driver."
Banta:"oh, Don't worry- I can drive myself, any way."

Santa: what time will be it when an elephant sits on your car?
Banta:time to get a new car.

Santa: why do you say your wife is a liar and unfaithful? "
Banta:she said she spent the night with her friend when she came home early this morning!"
Santa"Well, how do you know she was lying? "
Banta:"Because i spent the night with that friend! "

Santa: "I' hv lost my dog.
Banta:why dont you  put an advertisement in paper?"
Santa" Don't be silly. Dogs can't read."

Santa:"I heard you made your very last decision last month! "
Banta: How so?"
Santa:" I heard you got married! "

Santa:" have u ever kissed my wife?"
Banta" I couldn't say."
Santa:"what! You conn't say?"
Banta:"No, you see i promised her I wouldn't tell."

Santa: How did your father came to know that we had gone for a drive in his car last night?
Banta: The fat man you hit on the way was my father!

Santa: i don't know what to buy for my wife on the bithday.
Banta: why dont you ask her?
Santa: I dont want to spent that much.

Santa: I went to the dentist this morning.
Banta:Does your tooth still hurt?
Santa:  I don't know, the dentist kept it.

Santa: My son is at the medical college.
Banta: Is he studying to be a doctor?
Santa:No, the doctors are studying him!

Santa: What does India produce that no other country can?
Banta: Indians.

Santa: The most foolish person in the world is one who cannot  make other understand what he has to say.
Banta:Come again, I didn't understand what you were saying.

Santa: lets play a game
Banta: All right.
Santa: we'll play school-school.I will be the teacher and you can be a student.
Banta:Okay then I will be absent.


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